Sherif tea captures the rich flavors of Asia bringing in together the finest tea leaves from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Handpicked from the finest tea regions, Sherif tea is processed with quality and care to ensure the essence is preserved to the very last sip so that you can enjoy the exquisite pleasure and delights of drinking tea.

Let your taste buds dance to the tune of the rich Asian flavors of Sherif tea. Breathe in the aroma of the lingering sumptuous brew and calm your soul with Sherif tea.
When we open ourselves to the pleasure of food our taste buds dance to the tune of the various flavors. In order to do that we have to slow down and for a moment allow ourselves to forget the notion of time

Sharing elements of delight, the culture of drinking tea is a ritual that also invites us to relax and enjoy our senses with friends or in solitude away from the stimulation of electronic gadgets and information overload. In essence it allows us to connect to the simple but grand pleasures of life that are priceless.